Stock Show Pro Online Management Tool - What It Is

Stock Show Pro Online Tool for Stock Show Animal Management. The days of keeping notes on feed sacks, receipts or napkins is so 2019.
Looking for the elusive pen or finding the whiteboard marker that actually works is the past.

Exhibitors forgetting or misinterpreting parent or teacher instructions…those days are long gone with Stock Show Pro.

Its time we manage our show animals like its 2020, with technology in our pockets.

Stock Show Pro allows exhibitors of all ages and their Ag Teachers, Parents and/or Breeders to compile and share daily information about an animal’s feeding program, supplements, medications and weight gain. This information can be tracked, shared and tweaked throughout the show season, giving the exhibitor real life, daily management experience and data tracking as well as forecasting ability.

Exhibitors can share their barn with parents and ag teachers allowing them the opportunity to enter ration changes, medication schedules and other instructions anytime saving endless phone calls and text to teachers or missed communication to parents. Sharing among feeding partners assures accuracy for the exhibitor’s program, especially during those crucial and busy holiday breaks.

Review past years class breaks, determine the class you want to feed for and dial your feeding program in for that weight class beginning on day one…one your desktop or phone. Don’t see your favorite shows historical class breaks, send us the show and or links to the weight breaks by CLICKING HERE and we will add them for you.

At Stock Show Pro we are dedicated to making this online management tool even better in the future. We welcome ideas for additional features as we continue to make it an invaluable management tool in your barn.