Stock Show Pro Online Management Tool – How It Works

Begin by entering demographic information about each of your animals into Stock Show Pro to create a permanent record for each animal, including:

  • Purchase location/sale
  • Breeder
  • Date
  • Cost
  • Tag #
  • Ear Notch
  • Brand
  • Sire
  • Dam
  • Dam Sire
  • Target Major
  • Birth Date

Watch Our HOW TO Videos

The five videos below walk you through how to use the key Stock Show Pro Online Management Tool functions. The best way to watch each video is to click the START ARROW and then click on the lower right square in the video to make it full screen. You can enter info after logging in on your desktop or mobile phone.

Part 1 - Putting Your Animal in the Barn:

Part 2 - Entering Feed/Supplement Options:

Part 3 - Entering Rations:

Part 4 - Tracking Weight Gain:

Part 5 - Sharing Your Barn:

Some of the features that allow you to easily manage each animal's progress:

  • Enter current feed and supplement rations to begin tracking your animal and posting your feed schedule.
  • Weight tracker allows you to calculate rate of gain, and then project the rate of gain needed to meet target show weights. As you make adjustments and add weights, those populate to that animal's history so you can track trends over the course of the show season.
  • In the Notes section, you can comment and create reminders about medication administration and dosage, reactions, response to treatment or changes in animal characteristics.
  • Weight Breaks is a page devoted to allowing you see the historical data for major show class weight breaks for each breed and species.
  • Trophy Case allows the user to track outcomes over time to track trends.

Ag teachers, substitute feeders, family and breeders can be given access through an invitation from you to view, suggest changes or feed animals when you're away.