Stock Show Pro App – The Concept

Our team was staring at a cluttered, barely readable white board, fumbling through a weight break booklet and wondering when we gave that last dose of antibiotic to that pig who is still coughing, when we decided...

There has to be a better way!

Stock Show Pro was born as a way to compile all the information that we all track during show season, in an application that would be available on one of the devices we all carry everywhere. We are passionate about show animals, and our goal is to simplify and improve the process that we all use anyway. We believe it would be beneficial for mom or dad to make a feed adjustment while lying in bed at night, and for it to be updated on the app when sister comes to feed the next morning. Two years from now, you could review the genetics of that animal who won your county show or track trends in animals based on any demographic. Ag teachers could use the app to monitor student projects and even grade their performance based on Stock Show Pro content.

Who We Are

My name is Britt Sipe. My wife, Buffy, and our two girls, Madi and Kloe, spend countless hours and stupid amounts of money to compete in the stock show industry. Shannon Barbee and his family are pig breeders, whose livelihood revolves around producing the highest quality show pigs.

Together, we are dedicated to developing an app that makes tracking and managing your animals simple, efficient and most of all, effective at getting you to the winner's circle.

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